Tailor made Awareness Training at MCI

End of June this year, MCI organized a tailor made 5-day training “The Behaviour of Materials” for one of our key customers. To improve their reliability, production, safety and integrity of the equipment. Brief summary of the content:
Introduction: What is the goal of this course?
Material behaviour part 1: Fabrication of materials, material
categories (carbon-/stainless steels), mechanical properties.
Material behaviour part 2: General metallurgy, microstructures, material selection, inspection techniques.
(Repair) welding: Processes, (repair) welding, carbon steels/stainless steels, what can go wrong and why.
Corrosion: Fundamentals (types of corrosion) and corrosion engineering.
Practical failure mechanisms: Workshop; specific cases and others.
The 10 attendees traveled from different continents to learn more about the behaviour of materials. It was a great success and received very positive comments from the participants, feedback;
- "Good connection with the industrial reality";
- "You make complex theory accessible";
- "Quick tips, checks and practices were shared";
- "Potential problems and directions on how to better tackle, monitor, or investigate them";
- "Good balance between data and facts completed with many anecdotes based on practical experiences in the field";
- "Learned a lot and totally convinced that you guys have a great team of experts".
Do you want to know more about the tailor made training? Please contact us by phone or send a mail to training@m-c-i.nl.