With more than 40 years of professional and managerial experience this "Materials Expert" will talk about one or more subjects during the masterclasses. The designated subjects are extensively covered whereafter there is the opporunity for an open discussion.

The upcoming Masterclass, themed DUPLEX, will take place on Thursday, May 18th.

+ from 13:30              Reception with coffee and pie                        
+ 14:00-17:00              Masterclass
+ from 17:00              Snacks and drinks


Stone, iron and bronze played critical roles in the ancient and recent history and are still indispensable nowadays. No surprise "ages" have been named after them. What about duplex? No age will be named after it for sure, but in what extend is duplex indispensable...

Duplex was developed in the second half of the previous century, whereby in concept the beneficial properties of ferritics and austenitic stainless steels were combined. Nowadays many variants are available and the possibilities seem endless. But how does duplex compare to your "ex-material"...

In a short time span the "hows and whys" of the origin of duplex is explained together with its critical developments in time. When to use it, and when not to? Is duplex excessively neglected or praised to the skies. In short, a journey into the world of duplex and its applications during the masterclass of Harry Schrijen whom personally contributed to the development of this material...

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