The integral approach to an investigation is what makes MCI unique. An investigation usually starts with an on-site pre-assessment where an a first hypothesis is formulated when necessary. Extensive investigations and further assessments through sophisticated techniques are completed either on-site or within our laboratory facilities to test, validate and support this initial supposition. After thorough interpretation of the investigation results, clear, pragmatic, most economic and cost-effective recommendations are made.


+ Failure analysis
Our independent analysis of failure and/or loss of performance due to material and corrosion problems is much appreciated. We advise how to deter and avoid future problems.
+ Remaining life time study
Our investigation results enable us to provide insight into the integrity of an installation. This investigative assessment forms the solid basis for the recommendations which when implemented will enable the extension of the remaining lifetime.
+ Welding and repairing (IWE)
We provide support in the field of the proper welding technique, from the initial designing stage to the final repair necessities (e.g. setting up WPS, EN1090 support).
+ Integrity and corrosion study
We provide insight into the potential failure mechanisms in your installation. Close investigation of each separate components enable us to select the most suitable methods of inspection. Subsequently a thorough risk analysis can be determined.