Complicated systems are used nowadays for modern manufacturing processes. In these systems a variety of components are used which are made ​​from different kind of materials. The components are subjected to static and dynamic loads and temperature variations and they are exposed to all kinds of substances. If the performance of an installation is inadequate, or anywhere an injury occurs, then the most obvious explanation doesn’t have to be the best explanation.

To really understand what happens in an equipment, pipe, pump or a chain, you need a bit of professional stubbornness and extensive investigation. Based on a solid knowledge foundation and an essential spark of inspiration. The total approach of MCI and the resources MCI uses are similar to the techniques, insights and creativity that are used by "CSI researchers". In the episodes of "CSI" they cut in human flesh to get behind the cause of death (or murder), but we cut in materials to find the cause of failure. Our investigations are therefore just as substantiated as that of "CSI" but with pragmatic recommendations!!