Gain and share knowledge = Increase Reliability!

Integrity and reliability of an installation is essential. Through these inspections reliability and integrity will be guaranteed. When finding a defect or abnormality, it is important to know why this defect has occurred, or if the defect will lead to an unreliable situation and/or when it needs to be repaired. To assess all of this an inspector needs to have a comprehensive knowledge.

Each year MCI organizes an 8-day training on "The Behaviour of Materials" in the "Knowledge house" MTOC (Materials and Technology investigations Center). In this training our knowledge is effectively shared. The feedback from participants of previous sessions were very positive. The course was perceived as a proper balance between theory and practice with an improvement of "awareness" in many different fields of expertise.

The purpose of this course is to provide participants with more knowledge about the behaviour of materials in relation to their working environment. By increasing knowledge and understanding about failures, effective conclusions and judgement concerning the integrity of your installation can be improved, thus increasing the effectiveness and durability of installation functionalities.

The following topics are presented:
+ Materials (carbon steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals, production of materials)
+ Corrosion (fundamentals, engineering)
+ Welding and welding fail scenarios
+ Water Treatment (process water, cooling water, boiler water )
+ Metallurgical failure mechanisms (failure analysis)
+ Plastics and composites
+ Inspection Techniques
+ Fitness for Service ( FFS + FEM analyzes)

Intended for
This course is intended for people who are either responsible for the integrity of an installation or  for its design and should take failure mechanisms into account. Are you or your colleague an inspector, reliability engineer, maintenance manager or -engineer (or do you have a similar role) and do you have a technical degree? Then this course will help you to improve the integrity and reliability of your installation.
This course is registered at the NIL (Dutch welding institute). Participation in this course will give you credit points for renewing your IWE / EWE certification. For inspectors it can help to extend your certification.
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